Keep Up To Date With Satellite News Gathering & Satellite Transmitting

Satellite News Gathering & Satellite Transmitting  The Satellite News Gathering and Satellite Transmitting industries are continuously changing and evolving due to the constant upgrade in technologies as well as introduction of new satellite equipment being used in order to gain an advantage over the competition. This means that how well informed a company is in terms of the latest developments and equipment, could have a big effect on how successful a company can be in satellite news gathering or satellite transmitting.

 In the past, developments with satellite news gathering and satellite transmitting were not as evident. This meant that companies were able to keep track with the latest technology more easily and therefore most companies were on a more even footing in terms of the technology being used. Also, the technology that was being used were no where near as advanced as they are today and therefore, a lot more training is required for companies to know how to correctly use the technology in order to get the best results.

But as has been mentioned before, there is now constant changes and developments with satellite news gathering and satellite transmitting. Companies now need to know when possible new technology could become available and how it could be of specific use to their needs and requirements. This can be a difficult task because new developments and technologies are being realised all the time and attempting to keep up with their competitors, even though being imperative, can be a struggle.

 This blog will allow companies to monitor all of the latest news on satellite news gathering and satellite transmitting as well as being kept informed of any latest technologies or facilities that are being introduced so companies can keep up with the latest trends in the industry.

Long-Sleeved Dresses for Winter

In the winter months, it can become quite boring and drab to get up every morning and choose a outfit that is suitably warm and comfortable for the cold weather, but you might that you are compromising on style.

With a little savvy shopping, you can find a huge variety of stylish knitwear in all forms, such as jumpers, ponchos, cardigans and more, but even so, it can be hard to feel ‘put together’ and stylish when you are wearing chunky knits.

Goose Island, a ladies fashion store with shops in Cowbridge, Mumbles, and Swansea, thinks that long sleeved dresses might be the answer to a lot of problems.

“Summer dresses are always a popular choice, and are essentially a whole outfit in one piece of clothing. However, that doesn’t have to stop as the weather cools off.

Long-sleeved dresses could be the answer to your problems. Just like summer dresses, long-sleeved dresses can be the all-in-one outfit for winter. There is such a huge variety of long-sleeved dresses available, that you can find one to suit any need or occasion. Work wear? Weekend wear? Evening wear? Long-sleeved dresses might be more versatile than you think, and Goose Island has a variety of them to pull you out of a winter style rut.”

long-sleeved lace bottom dressGoose Island have a huge range of long sleeved dresses that could potentially save your style this winter; in everything from work wear, casual wear, and party wear.

Long-sleeved dresses can be a lifesaver to a lot of women who are self conscious about their upper arms and like to cover up, but they can often be hard to find on the high street, and you might be left with a dress that you are not 100% happy with.

Long-sleeved dresses are a great solution for women in the winter; they are a whole outfit in one piece of clothing, and take away the stress and fuss of putting together a winter outfit in the morning.

NAB 2014 Show And A Free Limo Offer!

Now here’s an offer that many won’t refuse … a free limo from your hotel to The NAB Show®!

The NAB Show is the largest event of its kind when it comes to the world of electronic media and another attraction for many vendors is that it takes place Las Vegas, a great place to visit.


The NAB Show® is an amazing event with the exhibitors spread across many halls which could give you the problem of finding the vendors in the sectors or niches you were looking to visit.

However the organisers have arranged for ‘like’ industry vendors to be located together so if you visit the North Hall you will find vendors specialising in the management and  systems sector of the industry. On the other hand if you’re really interesting in post production or display systems you will find these vendors located together in the lower section of the South Hall.

There are also plenty of meeting rooms located in different sectors of the show enabling businesses to really make the show worthwhile with productive meetings and catch-ups.

So where does the limo come in all this?

Quicklink, who are a major player in the live broadcasting and live streaming industry, decided they would provide visitors with a free transfer from their hotel to The NAB Show® If you are planning a visit to the show in Las Vegas consider booking the free limo from Quicklink by clicking on the link above.

In the meantime, as usual there is plenty planned for this year’s show with awards and other activities so if you are in the electronic media business and want to know what’s around the corner and for the distant future don’t miss this event.